For Professionals: The Highest Quality Protein

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UNJURY® is recommended at America’s Top-Rated Hospitals, so you can be confident about recommending it to your patients. We were founded by a Masters level dietitian, who truly cares about patient outcomes.

What makes UNJURY the highest quality protein available?

  • We start with hand-selected raw ingredients that are analyzed to meet UNJURY®’s unique specifications.
  • We do quality control testing at each stage of production – far above the industry standard.
  • We rely on domestically sourced ingredients, so we know exactly what is in the product.

What else do we think is important?

Taste – Patients tell us, “UNJURY® Protein tastes great”. When people like the taste of their protein shakes, they enjoy drinking them, and that leads to more compliance and long-term success.

UNJURY Cares about patient success. We have dedicated a portion of our resources to patient education, ongoing support, and FREE tools so that patients have everything that they need to meet their health goals.

Educational Tools and Resources to Share with Your Patients:

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