What Do Successful Bariatric Patients Have in Common?

What Do Successful Bariatric Patients Have in Common?

Recently we hosted an UNJURY Cares Support Group Meeting called, “A Day in the Life of a Successful Bariatric Patient.” 

Through 4 interviews and written testimonials, we discovered that patients who feel successful and have a stable, healthy weight, have several things in common.

Here’s what we learned…
  1. They have a basic daily routine
  2. They’ve figured out how to get exercise or regular activity into their day
  3. They focus on protein with meals and still use protein shakes even in maintenance
  4. They practice self-care (prayer, journaling, therapy, nature)
  5. They drink water throughout the day
Here is a testimonial letter that was shared with us for our meeting.

Hi I’m Aliscia,

I had bypass in 2016. It took me about 11 mons to lose 95 pound, so I hit my weight in 2017. I added a few pounds during the beginning of covid, but maintaining ok since then.

Here is what I do:

First thing, I walk. I do this before I even have coffee. I take a water bottle with me and do a mile in 20 minutes. When I get home I make a shake, then drink coffee with milk on the way to work. The rest of the day I sit at a desk, it’s busy and I am usually too tired to exercise in the evening.

I have my vitamins at work because they upset my stomach early in the morning. I pack my lunch for work - frozen meal (Lean Cuisine or similar) or a salad from Publix. If I have a snack at work, I do the 100 calorie nut packs – Almonds On the Go or Keto Crackers with hummus, or sometimes a piece of fruit.

My husband makes dinner, not always bariatric friendly, so I have small plates. He always cooks meat though, he’s a meat guy, so I mostly eat that part.

I go to bed early because if I stay up I usually want to eat another snack. Sometimes I will take bites of a chocolate peanut butter bar and then go to bed. Snacking at night is my habit I am not hungry.

My other big thing is therapy. I started going before surgery. It has been so helpful for how I see myself. I always saw a person who couldn’t do things, now I know that’s not me anymore.

If you want to feel as successful as Aliscia and our other guests, remember to focus on these 5 things: routine, exercise, protein, self-care, and water intake.

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