The Food Struggle is Real. Here’s What’s Working.

The Food Struggle is Real. Here’s What’s Working.

Message from a fellow bariatric patient.

Six years after weight loss surgery, I still struggle with food. I do have “good” days where I effortlessly make good choices, but most days it is not that easy.

I still crave “bad” foods. I would rather eat carbs than protein, and I like fatty foods. Very few things that I like are good for me, and I’m weak when it comes to food. How do I keep it from holding such power over me?

Honestly, I work hard at it.  These are my “Struggle Strategies.”

  • I focus on my “why.” For me, it is having many years to be with my family, do the things I want to accomplish, and make a difference in the world. Keeping my “why” firmly in view helps me overcome those times when I want to make poor food choices.
  • I begin the day with high quality protein and that helps me make better food choices all day long. I love my Unjury Chocolate Splendor protein shake as it fills me up and tastes great.
  • I distract myself. I find that I make better food choices when I am busy and I have less chance to obsess about food.
  • I try to never get too hungry as I’m more prone to eat junk. So, I almost always keep a decaf coffee mixed with an Unjury ready-to-drink vanilla protein shake by my side. It also keeps my blood sugar steady throughout the day.
  • I track my food. It helps me know what’s in different foods (protein, carbs, fats and calories) and heightens my awareness of what I’m eating.
  • I have a bariatric accountability partner that I share the ups and downs of my day. She also helps me with any food-related commitments that I need to make.

It’s not easy.  I wish that I naturally wanted to make healthy food choices, but these things help me overcome my struggle with food.

If you can relate, why don’t you try just one today? 

Share your “Struggle Strategies” @UNJURYCares

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