Sometimes I Feel Out of Control

Sometimes I Feel Out of Control

Note from a fellow bariatric patient…

Do you feel out of control? 

Sometimes I do. In fact, many times I have felt out of control on my weight loss and maintenance journey. Sometimes it feels like I am living in a whole new world; more protein, less carbs, special vitamins, exercise, and coping with my ever-changing body. I’m astounded how every month (and sometimes every day) feels like a new challenge.

It’s stressful to live in fear of gaining weight. Even though I have lost a lot, the scale is still my enemy. The moment I’m not careful with my food or exercise, I seem to gain a few pounds. 

It can be overwhelming, but there are a few things that make me feel “in control.”

  • I remember my “why”: I like not taking diabetes meds, being in smaller clothes, and being able to do activities with my family and friends. I also want to live a long time, have a good quality of life, and make a difference in the world. I can’t do any of these if I’m morbidly obese.
  • I track my food and exercise: You can’t fix a problem unless you know what it is. So, I track all my food and exercise each day. This makes me aware of what is in various foods (so I can make better food choices). I have an app on my phone which makes it simple to log my food. It also imports exercise from my Apple Watch. Does this guarantee that I’ll always make good food choices? Sadly, no...but does increase my awareness of the quantity and quality of my food.
  • I focus on protein: I always start my day with an Unjury protein shake. This helps me make better food choices throughout the day, and I’m able to meet my daily goal of 100 grams of protein. It’s an easy, healthy way to start out my day feeling good about myself.
  • I move:  I try to exercise five days a week...even if it is only a little bit. When I exercise I make better food choices. It also makes me feel in control and that I’m worthy of taking the time for me. I don’t even have to like the exercise; in fact, many times I don’t. I only have to be willing to do it.

I wish I always felt in control and 100% confident in my ability to make good, healthy choices. Honestly, I probably never will feel completely in control.  Maybe no one does.

I’ve lost over 150 pounds and maintained that loss for many years. I take comfort in the fact that I’m better than I was a few years ago and, most days, getting better (even when I’m not perfect).

Are you struggling with feeling out of control?

If so, maybe try one of the above things for a day or two and see if it helps you feel better and more in control of your journey.

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