Sick of Feeling Hungry? I’ve Got a Plan.

Sick of Feeling Hungry? I’ve Got a Plan.

Note from a fellow Bariatric Patient

Before weight loss surgery, I would eat every time I felt a hole in my stomach. Now I can’t do that, so I spend a lot of time wanting food. UGH!!

Sadly, I am not one of the lucky ones whose hunger disappeared after weight loss surgery. My hunger pains came back about six weeks postop and they are still here. 

It is not easy but, I do have strategies to manage hunger and keep me from regaining weight. Here’s what I do:

  • I wait a minimum of two hours between eating so that I’m not constantly grazing (a sure recipe for gaining weight).
  • I minimize carbs (especially processed foods) to reduce cravings for unhealthy foods.
  • I eat protein as it keeps me full longer. I always start my day with Unjury protein shakes as they fill me up and taste so much better than other shakes. My current favorites are Chocolate Splendor or vegan Planted Cinnamon Donut.
  • For snacks, I make sure they have more protein than carbs. I really like the Unjury Chocolate Peanut Butter Mighty Bites. I also make Bonjoy waffles which are packed with protein. The sweetness fools my mind into thinking I’m having a treat.
  • I exercise every day because when I move my body, I automatically eat better. I’m currently aiming for one hour, 6-7 days a week.
  • I drink a lot of unsweetened, decaffeinated beverages. Home-brewed, decaffeinated iced tea with Splenda is my favorite.
  • I try to get enough sleep as I’m less apt to make bad food choices (and I am awake for fewer hours so I have less time for snacking).

I also try to recognize if I have head or real hunger. If I’m craving something specific, I know it is head hunger. I don’t need food, but I WANT it. This often occurs when I’m bored or doing something where I normally eat (snacking while watching TV).

When I get head hunger, I try to do something physical like walking or cleaning the house for a few minutes. Even less vigorous activities such as reading or playing a game on my phone are a helpful distraction. 

Hunger is a part of my daily life, but I’m managing it with the techniques above. I am victorious most days in minimizing my hunger and I will happily keep working at it as long as I can maintain my weight…that’s the best thing that I can hope for!


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