New Smarter Solution for Patients with Low Iron Status

New Smarter Solution for Patients with Low Iron Status

Frustrated that your patients are unable to improve their iron status? Unlocked Iron™ is a safe and gentle approach to boost iron absorption and build iron stores.


Why is my patient’s iron level so low?

You have heard your patients complain of fatigue, decreased work performance, depressed immune response and diminished learning ability; all symptoms that can be caused by low iron status.

Anemia persists in many adults despite taking iron supplements. Many patients complain of harsh side effects of iron supplements and stop taking them.

For example, iron deficiency anemia is reported in:

  • 42% of pregnant women
  • up to 45% of individuals BEFORE weight loss surgery and
  • over 60% of individuals AFTER weight loss surgery


Very high dosages of iron can be a self-defeating approach.

Taking more and more iron leads to lower iron absorption rate because of an iron regulatory hormone hepcidin. Hepcidin is a "negative" regulator of whether iron is released from the intestinal cells into the blood circulation. Higher hepcidin, lower plasma iron levels.

The levels of hepcidin are controlled by 3 things:

  • inflammation
  • concentration of plasma iron
  • number of red blood cells

High dose iron supplements trigger inflammation which triggers release of hepcidin.Hepcidin reduces the release of iron from intestinal cells. Iron is trapped in the intestinal cells and never available for uptake in the blood.


Unlocked Iron™ is a safe and gentle approach to boost iron absorption and build iron stores. Low dose iron plus vitamin C and lactoferrin is a gentle way to treat iron deficiency without the harsh side effects. In fact, lactoferrin is so safe that comparable dosage levels are used in infant formula as immune system support (a bonus feature of lactoferrin.)

Unlocked Iron™ makes use of receptors that other iron supplements cannot use. Here is how it works: Iron status is related to intake and absorption. If giving more iron either orally or by IV isn't working, is there another way to improve iron status without harsh side effects?

Lactoferrin is a protein found in milk that has the capacity to bind and transfer iron. It is a low dose iron supplement that promotes iron acquisition rather than overloading the gut with more iron. Lactoferrin does not compete with other forms of iron for absorption sites because lactoferrin has unique receptor sites throughout the small intestine.Researchers have reported that lactoferrin is as effective in improving hemoglobin levels as supplemental FeSO4 and Fe Fumarate in several high-risk groups, without the harsh side effects. Its anti-inflammatory effects may reduce cytokines that trigger hepcidin release.

Based on the evidence we have reviewed, we believe a dietary supplement containing lactoferrin plus a low dose iron and ascorbic acid is a safe and gentle approach to minimize inflammation while treating iron deficiency anemia before and after bariatric surgery. Lower side effects lead to greater patient satisfaction and greater likelihood of supplement compliance.

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