Is White Meat Healthier than Red Meat?

Is White Meat Healthier than Red Meat?

If given the choice between white meat or red meat, most health-conscious people would likely choose the white meat option. This is due to a long-held belief that red meat is one of the main culprits behind high cholesterol levels. But we may now be starting to learn that there’s little difference between the impacts of red and white meat.

A recent study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition focused on 113 healthy adults, assigned to one of two different diet programs. The first group ate a high-saturated-fat diet with protein coming from three different sources, for four weeks each: 1) red meat, 2) white meat, and 3) non-meat. The second group ate a low-saturated-fat diet with the same three-part program for protein, consisting of red meat, white meat and non-meat. It came as no surprise that the high-saturated-fat diet yielded higher "bad" cholesterol levels (i.e. LDL), as did both of the meat diets. But what was interesting is that both of the meat diets—red and white—resulted in the same LDL and total cholesterol readings. In this particular study, there was no documented benefit in avoiding red meat.

Obviously, this is only one study, but it’s interesting nonetheless, considering the reputation red meat has among many health critics. And we always like to keep you informed when we see something that may be noteworthy.

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SOURCE: The New York Times, June 25, 2019

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