How Do I Break a Stall and Get Motivated?

How Do I Break a Stall and Get Motivated?

Recently we asked the UNJURY Cares Bariatric Support Group a poll question. 

“What has kept you from reaching your weight loss goal or caused you to regain weight?”

Some of the choices we listed:

  • Moving, new job, change in routine
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight loss stall, loss of motivation
  • Covid isolation

Overwhelmingly, the group chose #3 as the reason that they didn’t meet or maintain their weight loss goal.

What everyone wants to know is…How Do I Break a Stall and Get Motivated Again?

First, weight loss stalls are common and expected, so don’t panic. Your body adapts and changes, so you’ll have to do the same.

Here are some ideas for how to break a stall. Then, when you start to see progress, motivation will come back too.

  1. Change up your activity. If you have been walking for exercise, try riding a stationary bike, lifting light weights, or take a yoga class. By doing something different, it challenges your body, engages new muscles and burns more calories.
  2. Bump up your protein intake. When you use protein shakes and meal replacements, it keeps your calorie count lower each day. Get into a groove with a protein shake for breakfast or protein soup for lunch. You can make it the night before if your fridge holds foods below 40 degrees F.
  3. Increase your water intake. Water is an important element in the fat break down process. Make sure your body has what is needs to do the job that you want it to do.
  4. Track 2 things: accuracy and consistency. Keep a good food journal and look for two things:
    1. Are you recording every “BLT - bite, lick and taste?” Those calories add up.
    2. How consistent are you from one day to the next? Consistent eating patterns are better for weight loss and weight maintenance.

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