Don’t Gain Back Weight You’ve Lost – 5 Top Tips

Don’t Gain Back Weight You’ve Lost – 5 Top Tips

And since you have more time to cook, you may find yourself grazing on whatever is around – bread, chocolate and more. So, we gain weight.

Here are 5 great ways stop the gain:

1. Get Outside

Being stuck in the house all day is not good for anyone.  Fresh air and some extra movement can reduce stress ... and help you burn some calories.  

Being in nature will make you feel relaxed--and keeps you out of the kitchen!

2. Keep Snack Food Out of Sight

We all did that panicked stock-up shopping trip where we threw everything in the grocery cart.  Now we are stuck with it - but that doesn’t mean we have to eat it! 

Hide all of your emergency snacks and pasta where you won’t see or think about them unless you really need them.

3. Increase your protein intake

Adding high quality protein to your diet can improve almost every function of your body, including your immune response, and it’s a great tool for helping you lose weight. A double positive!

Protein makes you feel full and satisfied longer, it can boost your metabolism, and it will help keep your muscles strong as you lose weight.  There is no downside – just a huge upside. More protein means less calories from other places.

4. Use Post It Notes on the fridge and pantry.

Little reminders will help you pause before you reach for a snack.  Here are some ideas for helpful fridge notes:

  • Is it mealtime or are you bored? 
  • Have a glass of water first!
  • Celery sounds good right now!
5. Keep your home office away from the kitchen

Out of site out of mind!  Keep a big glass of water and a hot drink where you are working so that you don’t have to go for refills.  Prepare a bowl of crunchy vegetables first thing in the morning and keep them handy. When the urge to snack arises, you will be ready!

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