Does Vacuuming Count as Exercise?

Does Vacuuming Count as Exercise?

Great Question!  The simple answer is - not exactly, but it counts as something called “NEAT” Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, which is just as important as traditional, structured exercise.

We are much less active now than ever before. There are more desk jobs, more lifestyle conveniences, more technology usage.

Did you know that getting active, even outside the gym, can have a big impact on your daily calorie burn?

Here’s why NEAT activity is so important:

  1. NEAT accounts for about 15% of your total daily energy expenditure (the total number of calories your body burns in one day). The more active you are, the more energy you burn.
  2. Being active all day with NEAT activities can be as helpful as a structured workout for reducing your risk of chronic diseases and improving overall health.
  3. The best part is, you can move more each day without paying for a trainer or a gym membership and do things that you enjoy.

Here are some ideas for ways you can increase NEAT activity.

  • Daily stretches
  • Household chores – laundry, dishes, vacuuming
  • Park farther away and walk
  • Gardening and yard work
  • Do more cooking – shopping, chopping, kitchen prep

Have fun with it, limit the time you sit each day, and set alarms to get up and move. And remember, protein is an added benefit to any kind of exercise, so be sure to mix a shake after you spend some time working in the yard.

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