Do Good for Others -- Feel Better Yourself

Do Good for Others -- Feel Better Yourself

Our Zoom Support Group Members are amazingly generous!

They have touched our hearts and others around them. 

Last week, we asked our Lifelong Success Support Group members, “what have you done for someone recently that made you feel good?”

Generosity, paying it forward, and acts of charity have been shown to improve physical health and longevity, and even decrease stress.

In fact, research has linked different forms of generosity to better health.

Stephen Post, a professor of preventative medicine at Stony Brook University wrote Why Good Things Happen to Good People.  He says that giving to others is shown to increase health benefits in people with chronic illness1.

It is inspiring to hear that many of you are doing great things for your own health by doing good things for others.

Here are the responses that we got to our question:

I paid for the order behind me in a drive thru line

Shoveled neighbor’s driveway

Delivered for Meals on Wheels

I dog sat for a friend in need today

I bought groceries for a home bound mother

Helped move my niece into her dorm yesterday

Sent an actual card in the mail, not internet

Gave my neighbor some flowers. Made her day.

Ran errands for elderly neighbor who can no longer do these things.

I put a bunch of quarters in Aldi grocery carts

Bought food for a homeless person

Commissioned a story from a friend’s 6-year old to give him something to do during lockdown.

I bought some meals for a friend because they couldn't afford food

Visited my neighbor and checked on what she needs.

Helped friends move in 10 degree weather

Helped a lady pump her gas because she was having trouble

Sent a Netflix gift card to senior outreach coordinator

I got my mom clothing memorabilia from her favorite movie (Ferris Bueller) for her birthday

Wrote up a simple food plan for a very overweight male, using UNJURY® products.

Helped take my sister-in-law to her doctor appointments and took supplies to my mother-in-law.

I knitted and donated 20 hats to a homeless shelter

You can join UNJURY Cares and be inspired every day!  Look for UNJURY Cares on Facebook, and join us each week on Wednesday evening at 7 PM ET for our Lifelong Success Support Group Meetings.

1 5 Ways Giving Is Good for You | Greater Good (

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