7 Ways to Inspire the People You Care About

7 Ways to Inspire the People You Care About

If you’ve been on a health journey, you know how great it feels to be lighter, have more energy, and more confidence.  Unfortunately, many people that you care about might also struggle with health or weight issues.

You’ve taken steps toward better health and a better life and we’ve heard you say that you’d like to help your spouses, children, and friends take control of their health too.

Wouldn’t it be great to be healthier together?

Here are 7 ways you can inspire the ones you love to take control of their health too.

Getting healthy together means trying new experiences and working as a team on grocery shopping, meal planning, and meeting your protein goals.  You might even start walking or exercising together.

Everyone must want to be healthier for themselves, you can’t force it. So remember to be patient and let your loved ones decide when the time is right for them. They will be on their own journey, just as you are.

7 Things that you CAN do to inspire them today: 
  1. Be a role model for healthy behavior. You don’t have to tell them what you are doing, they’ll notice, especially if you are consistent.
  2. Use positive language to talk about the healthy changes you’ve made and how good you feel as a result. Avoid using words like sacrifice or negative messages about giving something up.
  3. Plan active get-togethers or family events. Bowling,mini-golf, bike rides, family hikes, and pool time are great ways to be active together without food.
  4. Offer a taste of your healthy dish or protein shake and ask which recipes they are interested in trying next.
  5. Invite them to a support group meeting, exercise class, or cooking class. UNJURY Cares Support Groups are free and everyone is welcome to join.
  6. Have healthy snacks readily available in your kitchen.  UNJURY Stick Packs and Mighty Bites make a great healthy snack for kids and adults.
  7. Share the importance of lean muscle for long-term health. Getting 30-30-30, that’s 30 grams of protein, three times a day, helps people maintain muscle as they age. Muscle is the key to a healthy metabolism.

Invite the people you care about to join you in your healthy transformation! 

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