5 Nutrition Tips To Achieve Your Goals

5 Nutrition Tips To Achieve Your Goals

Keeping a consistent, healthy routine isn’t easy for everyone.  Challenges include busy schedules, family dynamics, and restaurant meals.

Yet meeting those goals could be the difference between success and disappointing results after bariatric surgery. 

What are nutrition goals?

Examples of nutrition goals are: a target calorie count for the day, grams of protein per day (e.g. 30 grams three times per day), hydration, and vitamin intake. All of these can help you reach your ultimate health goal - maintaining a healthy weight in the long-term. 

Think about the last 6 months.  Would you say that you are meeting your goals most of the time? Some of the time? Or rarely?  And how do your results match your consistency?

Better consistency meeting your daily nutrition goals will help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.  And there are a few easy things that you can do to improve consistency right now.

Here are 5 tips to help you meet your nutrition goals every day:

  1. Have a simple plan – Your plan should be flexible and easy to follow while giving you some structure. Think about things like: how many times you are going to eat during the day, what should be included in a particular meal, how many calories will you get at breakfast or dinner?
  2. Protein First – Eat well-balanced meals, but focus on the protein first.  Get your protein in, then add small amounts of carbohydrate or fat as compliments to the meal.   Protein makes you feel full and gives you the best metabolism boost compared to other macronutrients.
  3. Set a Schedule for Taking Your Vitamins – Don’t rely on memory to take your bariatric vitamins-- they are too important to your overall health.  Think about the best time to take your vitamins based on which ones need to be taken with food, how to separate them from prescription medications, and which ones can’t be taken at the same time.  Talk to your pharmacist if you have questions about when to take your vitamins.  Maybe put ongoing reminders on your phone.
  4. Think Variety – Color, texture, temperature, and seasonings can add variety to your diet.  It will make your meals more interesting and it will help you get a variety of foods with different nutritional content.
  5. Make Sure You Have What You Need –Keeping a standing shopping list of staples from the grocery store or setting up a subscription plan for UNJURY® Protein will help you reach for the right thing.

Start meeting your nutrition goals every day!

The right Supplements for your needs

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Weight Loss

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