3 Healthy Weight Tips for the Holidays To Try Now

3 Healthy Weight Tips for the Holidays To Try Now

We were recently talking with a customer on the phone, who said he didn’t want to manage his  weight until after the holidays. He said, “I’ll get back to it in January.”

We understand. The holidays are a time we want to enjoy. The holidays are also a great time to keep working towards your goals or set new ones.  Let’s talk about a few ways that shouldn’t interfere too much with holiday fun--

First, make sure you’re getting 90 grams of protein a day (30 grams of high quality protein[i] three times a day).  Customers tell us how much they love the taste of UNJURY® Protein products:

“I'm 3 days post-op from gastric sleeve procedure. I bought your chicken soup flavor, vanilla and unflavored protein powders. They all taste amazing! Best protein I have ever tasted! I am so picky and thought it would be a chore getting in my protein. I'm so pleased.”

– Gigi

If you’re trying to lose those final few pounds before the end of the year, or simply trying to maintain during the holidays, that’s great as well. Whatever your goal is, UNJURY® can help you on your journey today. You don’t have to wait until January to start.

We have a few great suggestions for you:

1. Before going to events and gatherings, have a serving of UNJURY. You won’t be as hungry when the food is served, so it’s much easier to make smart choices.

2. Stock up now on protein, so you can meet your protein goals every day.  Order UNJURY today, before holiday shipping times get longer, and winter weather snarls deliveries.

3. If you need extra support this holiday season, our UNJURY Cares Facebook Group and weekly Zoom Support Group Meetings are great resources. Join us Wednesday nights at 7 PM ET for expert advice, great discussions, and motivation.

Thanks for having the free zoom weekly bariatric meetings, I find them to be very helpful. Keep up the good work!"

- Anne

[i]   You can’t buy a higher quality protein that the Whey Protein Isolate in UNJURY® Protein Products.  Our powders all use whey protein that gets a perfect 100 PDCAAS score AND Whey is the best protein for leucine, which is critical for maintaining muscle.   

The right Supplements for your needs

Use Unjury Protein along with healthy eating and regular exercise for vitality and healthy aging.

Healthy Aging

To maintain vitality as we age, we need more high-quality protein. Medical research says that over the age of 40, we need 30 grams of high-quality protein, three times a day. You get more of the highest quality protein with UNJURY®. You also get far lower carb, fat, sugar and calories than in the heavily advertised flagship nutrition drinks you see on TV.

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Use Unjury Protein to support your wellness journey pre and post bariatric surgery.

Bariatic Surgery

A bariatric dietitian said it perfectly: “Patients who use UNJURY® Protein just seem to do better.” UNJURY is recommended at all of America’s Top-Rated Hospitals & top-rated for taste by patients. Do better – with UNJURY.

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Unjury protein is a vital too for long term weight loss success.

Weight Loss

Protein supplements work. No serious diet we know of says “get more fat and carbs.” We need protein first – without all the fat and carbs. In fact, we need top-quality protein, so we can maintain muscle and a healthy metabolism even as we lose weight. It's essential for long term success.

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Unjury Protein is low in sugar and is ideal to help support blood sugar management.

Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

UNJURY® Medical Quality Protein™ is very low in sugar and ideal for weight loss & blood sugar management. Weight loss means less medication, stable glucose levels, and more control. Feel better knowing that UNJURY® Protein is recommended at ALL of America’s top-rated hospitals.

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Unjury Protein is a supplement to help support recovery and is recommended at top cancer centers.


UNJURY® Medical Quality Protein™ is recommended at Top Cancer Centers in America. It’s the best protein supplement for recovery as well as helping maintain vitality.

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