3 Easy Tips for Mindful Eating

3 Easy Tips for Mindful Eating

There’s an influx of information out there about what we should eat. But we tend to give much less attention to how we eat – although research suggests it’s just as important. Mindful eating is a concept that focuses on the experience of eating and how that may impact food choices, quantity eaten, and satiety associated with the eating occasion. While there is no right or wrong way to eat, awareness about how and why we eat may be useful in curbing undesirable habits and establishing healthier ones. Staying in tune with what drives eating habits helps us determine whether we eat in response to physical cues, like hunger, or emotional cues. It can also help address what causes us to over-consume, such as distractions or eating for pleasure. For many of us who frequently eat on-the-go or in social situations, engaging in mindful eating is not second nature; however, it’s a habit that can be learned. Try the tips below to practice and experience the benefits of mindful eating. 1. Reflect on how you feel – physically and mentally. Ask yourself a few questions: • Am I actually hungry? • How hungry am I? • Is there something else driving me to eat – boredom, stress, sadness? • Did I see or smell food and decide I wanted to eat? Becoming aware of why you’re eating is the first step of mindful eating. It allows you to assess whether or not the reason you are eating also drives what you choose to eat, and how much. If you’re eating in response to anything other than hunger, it’s unlikely that food will actually leave you feeling satisfied. If you are eating to cope with uncomfortable feelings, you may find yourself overeating. 2. Monitor portions and maximize nutrition Portion out your food and stick to one plate. You can feel satisfied with less food by capitalizing on the quality of what you consume and the timing of your meals. Protein keeps you fuller for longer periods of time. Have an UNJURY shake in between meals to prevent going too long without eating; UNJURY will provide your body with protein that will keep hunger levels stable and prevent overeating. 3. Engage in the experience of eating • Sit down. Eating on the run can make you feel like you didn’t eat at all, and you may find yourself hungry again quickly. • Remove distractions. Driving, watching TV, or paying attention to your phone while you eat can prevent you from feeling truly satisfied, which can lead to overeating. • Eat slowly. It takes 20 minutes for your body to register that you’re full. Take your time so you’re less inclined to reach for seconds. Put your fork down between bites, use chopsticks, sip on some water, or engage in conversation at the table.

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Healthy Aging

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Weight Loss

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Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

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