The Power of Routine for Weight Maintenance

The Power of Routine for Weight Maintenance

Note from a fellow bariatric patient…

We’ve all heard the saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail,” right? It’s a common expression that promotes the virtues of planning. While I agree planning is valuable, I have found something that’s even more important to my success…ROUTINE!

Here are four ways that a daily routine has helped me:

  1. Consistency: My routine helps me do “healthy things” consistently, especially when I’m busy. Every morning, I have an Unjury® Chocolate Protein shake for breakfast. It’s quick, easy, and gives me the 30 grams of protein that I need to start the day.
  2. Efficiency: One of the best parts of my routine is involving less thought. As a recovering food addict, when I think too much about eating, it often leads to bad choices. By putting my nutrition on autopilot, it helps me not obsess about food, resulting in healthier eating, and it frees up my mental energy for other activities.
  3. Goal achievement: I can procrastinate when it comes to exercise, but my daily walking routine (I aim for 3-4 miles per day before or after lunch) keeps me active and helps reduce stress. I don’t compromise on this time or make any appointments that might get in the way. Now, my days don’t feel “normal” if I don’t walk.
  4. Feeling in control: With a strong routine, I am more in control of my life. I am engaging in healthy habits like exercise and eating well—consistently. As a result, I have become proud of my health, feel less guilty, and have a greater sense of peace, contentment, and empowerment.

Simply put, having a routine in my life eliminates difficult decisions. I just do it because it helps me avoid procrastination, prioritize what is important, and stay on track.

If you need a better routine, pick one area (eating, exercise, etc.) and try incorporating a realistic goal, like drinking a protein shake with breakfast or taking a walk at lunchtime. I promise that it will help you feel more in control and better about yourself.

—Your bariatric friend

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