New Ways to Love Your Brownie. Twist It - 3 Ways!

New Ways to Love Your Brownie. Twist It - 3 Ways!

Who doesn’t love a warm, fresh baked brownie straight out of the oven?

UNJURY’s fresh baked brownies are perfect protein packed snacks and they are really delicious on their own, but when you add this twist, there is even more to love.

Try one of these quick and easy Brownie Twist ideas, or try all three:

UNJURY® Fresh Baked Brownie with a teaspoon of peanut butter on top

UNJURY® Fresh Baked Brownie with a teaspoon of Cool Whip Lite

UNJURY® Fresh Baked Brownie with a teaspoon of sugar free raspberry jam


  1. Take the UNJURY Fresh baked Brownie out of the packaging
  2. Microwave the Full Size brownie for about 12 seconds, the mini for about 8 seconds
  3. Add your topping
  4. Enjoy

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