Hair Loss, Plateaus – Frustration after WLS

Hair Loss, Plateaus – Frustration after WLS

Having weight loss surgery improves your health in so many ways.  You can achieve a lower blood pressure, remission of diabetes, and better mobility -- and many other life changing outcomes. 

However, all the positive health changes could be overshadowed by other frustrating new challenges like hair loss and muscle weakness. 

We listen to patients in support group meetings, on social media and through our helpful customer service representatives.  They tell us about some of the most common challenges that they face after bariatric surgery:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Muscle fatigue/weakness
  3. Slower than expected weight loss

Did you know that it is common for bariatric patients to lose 25% or more of their lean muscle mass in the first year following weight loss surgery?  That’s a problem for your metabolism and long-term weight, because muscle is the way you burn most of your calories.

The good news is that the most common disappointments following WLS can be avoided with better daily nutrition.

Hair loss, weakness, and weight loss plateaus could be a consequence of inadequate nutrition, especially, not getting enough protein.  While there could be other factors involved, not getting enough high quality protein is one of the primary suspects!*

Remember: Protein and the amino acids it contains are the building blocks of EVERY cell in your body.  Without enough protein and good micro-nutrition, your body cannot build or even maintain muscle. 

Less muscle = poorer weight management.

UNJURY® Protein, with a leading amino acid score AND unsurpassed leucine content, gives your body exactly what it needs to build, stay strong, and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Protein also helps you feel full and satisfied with fewer calories.  That will help you avoid some of the other foods that don’t support your weight loss efforts.  Here is a helpful tool for learning how you can get better nutrition and more protein in your daily eating routine.  Download the Healthy Start Guide here.

*You should always consult your medical provider about any symptoms or health concerns.

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