Alert: Body Fortress, New Whey Accused of "Amino Acid Spiking"

We always want to keep you informed about new things to watch for and be aware of. There is a class action lawsuit filed in California against the makers of Body Fortress protein supplements, claiming that they have been conducting "Amino Acid Spiking". Click here  to learn about the suit. NEW WHEY Nutrition is facing a similar "spiking" suit, according to this release: What is "amino acid spiking"? It is using amino acids, including taurine and creatine monohydrate -- instead of the complete proteins that give you all the amino acids your body needs. How does spiking fool the protein and quality tests? The standard protein tests look for nitrogen, which is in protein but not carbs and not fat. So the test assumes that if it sees a certain amount of nitrogen, there is a corresponding amount of protein. Taurine has little or no value to adult humans as a source of quality protein, but it does have nitrogen, and it is cheap (usually from China) for the amount of nitrogen. When Taurine is added to a protein supplement, it "tricks" the protein test into thinking there is more protein than there actually is, effectively denying your body some of the complete protein it actually needs. It's a little like having a lump of lead that is coated with gold. You can see that the outside is gold, so you weigh the lump to see how much gold you have in your hand. But if you looked deeper, you would learn you had incorrectly assumed that the entire lump was gold. Why This is Important to You: Your body needs high quality complete protein. Taurine and creatine don't give it to you. So if you are both paying for 30 grams of complete protein and getting 21.5 grams as the suit indicates, then you are getting cheated by almost 30%. Insufficient protein can cause hair loss, muscle loss, fatigue and interfere with your weight loss success. Separately, all, or almost all taurine is made in China, and one of the big factories making it in China is very dirty and unsanitary. We don't know where the taurine in Body Fortress comes from. Why do amino acid spiking? Highest quality whey protein is expensive. Taurine is cheap, generally from China. The law firms filing the lawsuit say that Body Fortress deceives consumers into thinking they are getting 30 grams of whey protein when they are only getting 21.5 grams.UNJURY is Different

  • We never have done Amino Acid Spiking. We will never do Amino Acid Spiking.
  • We will never betray your trust. You trust is so important to us that we say:
    • UNJURY: Trust is the First Ingredient®
  • With UNJURY, you get only the top quality protein you pay for, so you get the protein you need to achieve the results you want.

How can I stay informed about this and other news? We're committed to transparency and honesty in all our products, and also committed to informing our customers when we learn of practices in other brands that are less than transparent and honest. In fact, we sent out emails as early as 2013 about this problem, so continue to watch these emails.

  • August 2013: But it was on the label!
  • March 2013: Protecting Your Patients from... (email to Medical Professionals)

If you have more questions, just email

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