ADEK Vitamins. What Do They Do & Who Needs Them?

ADEK Vitamins.  What Do They Do & Who Needs Them?

Vitamin deficiencies are a common side effect of bariatric surgery. 

Some surgeries, particularly malabsorptive procedures, have an even higher risk of deficiency for fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. 

Fat-soluble vitamins require fat from food to be usable in the body. Because your food intake is very limited, and some procedures bypass parts of the intestine where these vitamins are absorbed, so you need to take a vitamin supplement to meet your nutrition needs.

What happens when you don’t get enough ADEK?

When you don’t get enough fat-soluble vitamins you may feel fatigued and sluggish. You could develop bone pain and weakness, have difficultly seeing well in low light, and have a higher risk of infections.

Read more about fat-soluble vitamins in the chart below.

Vitamin A Vitamin A is involved in vision, immune function, reproduction, and cell communication. Vitamin A also supports cell growth and differentiation and plays a role in the maintenance of other organs. Deficiencies may lead to: Abnormal eye dryness, inability to see in low light or darkness and night blindness; increases the severity and mortality risk of infections.
Vitamin D Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the gut. It is needed to maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D also supports cell growth, immune function, and helps to reduce inflammation. Deficiencies may lead to: Bone pain, muscle weakness and osteomalacia (weak bones).
Vitamin E Vitamin E is an important antioxidant. Vitamin E is involved in immune function, cell signaling, and other metabolic processes. Deficiencies may lead to: Impaired balance, muscle weakness and damage to retina of eye.
Vitamin K Vitamin K is important for blood clotting. It may also help in maintaining strong bones. Deficiencies may lead to: Bruising and prolonged blood clotting.

The best way to avoid micronutrient deficiencies after bariatric surgery is to take a High Quality Bariatric Multi-vitamin, like Bariatric Fusion ADEK Vitamins, that meets the standards of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS). Available on both Unjury and Bariatric Fusion Websites. 

The right Supplements for your needs

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Healthy Aging

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Bariatic Surgery

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Weight Loss

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Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

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