5 Top Ways UNJURY Packets are Great for Travel and Errands

It's easy to have them with you all the time. Ready when you are.
When you're headed out for the day, there is no preparation. Just grab one, and maybe one of our Rubbermaid shakers, and you just need water or milk. Try to keep some in your car or purse.

They are fine for airport security. Drink boxes are not.
UNJURY packets won't get you caught up with security! Grad some water or milk once you get into the terminal.

They are so much healthier than most travel food
Restaurants manage costs very carefully, and protein is always the most expensive ingredient. So they focus on fat and carb heavy choices and fill-you-up items.

They are faster than most travel food.
And less messy than greasy potato chips or other low protein snacks.

They are not expensive like travel food
Most prices at convenince stores or airports are marked up signifcantly because they know you're in a hurry.

Find ways to UNJURY packets below:

Bonus: UNJURY tastes better than any other protein!

Ways to Use UNJURY Packets:

For errands around town, keep packets in the care, or in your purse, or just grab one on the way out the door.

If you take a water bottle that has been chilled or slightly frozen, you can make Strawberry Sorbet UNJURY anywhere. Mix with a single serve Crystal Light packet and you have a wide variety of beverages to mix with UNJURY Unflavored.

If you prefer, and have a cooler handy, you can mix up your UNJURY beverage in a shaker the evening before and keep cold in a small portable cooler.

Where Ever You Are you can mix a packet in:

Low-fat milk- Available all over including 7-11's and gas stations. If needed, ask for an extra cup and mix in Chocolate or Vanilla UNJURY

Coffee- Add 1 packet of Chocolate or Vanilla UNJURY to heated or iced coffee or plain latte and turn your coffee into a high protein treat. (If you get hot coffee, add a little skim milk to cool it down quickly.)

Cold Water- Add 1 packet of Strawberry Sorbet UNJURY. If you want, take along single serve packets of Crystal Light type lemonade. Sugar-free Lemonade is sold in many

fountain drink stations- Add 1 packet of UNJURY Strawberry Sorbet to make a high protein Strawberry Lemonade.

Oatmeal- take the single serve oatmeal packets with you. Stir in 1 packet of Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry Sorbet UNJURY

Soup (not boiling - 140 F is good.) - Add 1 packet of Unflavored UNJURY and stir until smooth

Hot water (not boiling - 140 F is good) - Add 1 packet of Chicken Soup UNJURY for a nice savory soup.

The right Supplements for your needs

Use Unjury Protein along with healthy eating and regular exercise for vitality and healthy aging.

Healthy Aging

To maintain vitality as we age, we need more high-quality protein. Medical research says that over the age of 40, we need 30 grams of high-quality protein, three times a day. You get more of the highest quality protein with UNJURY®. You also get far lower carb, fat, sugar and calories than in the heavily advertised flagship nutrition drinks you see on TV.

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Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

UNJURY® Medical Quality Protein™ is very low in sugar and ideal for weight loss & blood sugar management. Weight loss means less medication, stable glucose levels, and more control. Feel better knowing that UNJURY® Protein is recommended at ALL of America’s top-rated hospitals.

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