Why UNJURY® is Better Protein

The first thing you notice about UNJURY® is the taste. Many supplements just don’t taste good. They can be chalky or gritty. They coat your mouth and can leave an aftertaste.

People say UNJURY® tastes great! It has a clean, light, and fresh taste with no aftertaste. We get so many emails like these:

“Oh my gosh, UNJURY® tastes just like Chocolate Milk!”

Chocolate UNJURY® customer

“It’s the only one everybody likes.”

Dietitian at major medical center

“Frankly, I tried every protein supplement available and for many reasons, none compare to UNJURY®. It is the best quality (whey protein isolate), best tasting, mixes smoothly without a mixer, doesn't thicken like most.”

UNJURY® customer

Love my UNJURY®...reached my goal weight 7.5 months after surgery...Dr had forecast 18 to 24 months to get there...I believe UNJURY® was my 'secret weapon'!”

UNJURY® customer

There are several reasons why UNJURY® tastes so good, but it starts with the quality of the ingredients.


Many supplements use “Whey Protein”. But when you read the label, the amount of protein you get in the “Whey Protein” ingredient can vary widely.

Whey Protein Isolate (“WPI”) is far superior to Whey Protein Concentrate (“WPC”). Whey Protein Isolate has more protein, sometimes almost 3 times as much protein as some Whey Protein Concentrates.

UNJURY® uses only Whey Protein Isolate. One serving of UNJURY® has 21 grams of protein.


Not all protein has the same value to your body.

Using the protein quality scoring system supported by the National Academy of Medicine, some supplements get scores as low as 22, 6, even 0 -- out of a possible 100.

UNJURY® has a protein quality score of 100. So you are doing the best you can for your body.


Not all supplements actually put in the container what they claim on the label. And unfortunately, the US FDA does very little to regulate the industry.

The founder and president of UNJURY® is an MS RD dietitian. UNJURY® delivers exactly what is on the label: Medical Quality Protein™, protein quality you can trust.


Because we use such high quality ingredients, we regularly hear comments from customers such as this one:“It's been a relief to now get enough protein in my system without suffering from the gas, bloating and diarrhea from having had lactose.”


UNJURY® is easy to use. You can mix up your UNJURY® shake the day before, and when you head out in the morning, it’s Grab-and-Go.

You can take UNJURY® single-serve packets to work. For example, just microwave a cup of water for about 60 seconds, stir in UNJURY® Chicken Soup flavor, and you have a delicious, savory cup-of-soup lunch with 21 grams of protein.


UNJURY® is delicious, convenient, and the highest quality protein available - without the fat and cholesterol in meat or eggs – and costs a little more than $1 per serving.