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30 Day Rein in Regain™ Program

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Hitting a plateau, or regaining weight after bariatric surgery can be concerning and disheartening. It’s fixable!

You can get back in control when you get the support that you need, and commit to a plan using UNJURY® Protein! Reach your happiest and healthiest weight, meet all of your weight loss goals, and be your best self!

Our customers enjoy their great tasting protein, and see results when they commit to success and get back on a healthy eating schedule.

The Rein in Regain™ Plan Guidelines are based on a 1200 calorie per day diet, packed with high quality protein, and a variety of nutritious whole foods. You will even get suggestions for how to stay true to the plan while eating in restaurants.

Get back to protein!

Get back to a healthy lifestyle!

Get back to feeling energetic!

Get back to success!

30 Day Rein in Regain Program contains:

4 coaching sessions: (video conference on your PC / phone, or voice call if you prefer), one 30-minute session, and three 15-minute sessions

Done For You - Meal Plan Included!

Simple Eating Guide Included!

Back in Control Journal Included!

1 MRP Container (choose your flavor) - 28 Servings

2 Bags of Mighty Bites (choose your flavor) - 30 Servings

1 Case RTD (choose your flavor) - 12 Servings

1 Container of UNJURY Protein Powder (choose your flavor) - 17 Servings

Opurity® Multi-Vitamin (Everyday, or Bariatric Patient Optimized) - 90 Servings

Opurity® Calcium Citrate - 31 Days / 1200 Mg Calcium per Day

Opurity® Vitamin D3 90 Days

Food Scale



**Packet Flavors may be substituted based on availability**

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30 Day Rein in Regain™ Program
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