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Post-Bariatric Surgery Success Package

Package Size: Case    Number of Servings: 97 Servings

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Success. There is probably nothing is more important to your success than protein and vitamin supplements after surgery – so you want the highest quality possible. It will affect your results. Nobody delivers that quality like UNJURY. And you won’t use your protein long term if it tastes bad. Patients agree: UNJURY Tastes Truly Delicious.

*UNJURY® Proteins are recommended to Bariatric patients at top rated hospitals in America. So you know you are getting the right protein. If you have questions, contact nutrition@unjury.com.

Your first month after surgery...

The UNJURY® Post-Surgery Success Package will provide great tasting Protein Shakes and exciting protein recipes to help you through your first month after bariatric surgery.

UNJURY® Proteins are widely recognized for their superior taste!

UNJURY® Proteins are well tolerated by bariatric patients!

UNJURY® is the most trusted bariatric brand, recommended at all of the top-rated hospitals in the US.

UNJURY is a great value. At just $2.23 per serving, that’s less than the cost of a meal, AND it’s better, more complete nutrition.

Post-Surgery eating guidelines include:

60g of protein or more for best results (UNJURY® recommends 90g of high quality protein per day, or more, for patients age 40-and-over-based on medical research).

High Quality Bariatric Vitamins – see opurity.com

A variety of soft or pureed foods

*UNJURY® Proteins and Meal Replacements are practice-recommended for, and compatible with, Bariatric Pre-Surgery Diets. Use according to your surgeon’s or dietitian’s directions. If you have questions, contact nutrition@unjury.com.

Pre-Surgery Success Package contains:

5 Containers WPI

1 Case RTD

1 Bariatric Multi

1 Calcium Citrate

1 Vitamin D3

1 Vitamin B12

1 Recipe Book

1 Thermometer

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Post-Bariatric Surgery Success Package
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